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Arrival is a technology company creating iconic commercial electric vehicles at the same cost as petrol and diesel equivalents to make electric vehicles mainstream. Arrival has taken a ground-up approach to make vehicles in a new way - light, modular and efficient, saving 50% cost of ownership with a range of up to 300 miles. Using Design Thinking, Arrival is reimagining the engineering and manufacturing of vehicles to confront legacy industry challenges that to date have prevented the mainstream adoption of EV technology.


Arrival achieves cost parity with combustion vehicles by refining and reducing complexity in assembly and packaging along with innovative component design, materials and software,  creating a truly modular skateboard platform.


Optimising all elements in cost, form and function means the platform rapidly forms multiple vehicle variants that unlock profitability in low and high volumes, in a way that conventional OEMs can’t. Arrival vehicles are autonomous-ready whilst also forming the perfect base for integrating autonomous technology. The flexibility, simplicity and reduced costs of the Arrival approach enables the scalability required for widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


Founded in 2015, Arrival is headquartered in the UK where it has a manufacturing facility in Banbury and an R&D centre in London. Arrival is continually expanding its global footprint, currently employing over 500 people between its offices in the UK, St Petersburg and Berlin. The company is undergoing trials with DHL, UPS, Royal Mail and is partnered with John Lewis Partnership ahead of full scale production in 2021.

A career with Arrival will expose you to the bare-bones of a highly ambitious and entrepreneurial technology company, so if you’re interested in creating the future, not just talking about it, we’d love to hear from you.


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